Spawn sewers

    These posts are Insaan!
    These posts are Insaan!

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    Spawn sewers Empty Spawn sewers

    Post by InsaanSkillz on Sun Oct 28, 2012 6:29 pm

    As many of you are aware, me and dannyd96 have been building the sewers under spawn.

    These are now complete and usable. Access points are stone brick huts where the circular path around the shops and the paths leading to the corners intercept.

    Feel free to connect a tunnel to the sewer system from your house/shop in spawn.
    Be careful not to dig under other plots though.
    When connecting; dig your tunnel to the be at the same height as the path around the outside of the water channel in the sewer pipe (z: 63); NOT below or above that level, and place a labelled door.
    Do not alter the shape of the pipe in anyway.
    If you connect to the wrong height or alter the shape or cock it up somehow, then your tunnel will be altered and you shall be called an idiot.

    Yeah so, go check it oooouuuttt!!!!

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